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Probe V3.0 Scanner Control Software

by Rich Carlson, N9JIG

CARMA Newsletter

The newest version of PROBE is now available. Probe offers users of the Opto-Scan 456 / 535 boards complete control of their radios with unequaled ease and flexibility. The biggest addition to this version is "HyperBanks" which allows you to assign a function key to a group of freqs to make them instantly available, and "Visual Alarms" which allows different colors to be used for various recent channels.

Probe has so many features that you really need to read the manual to figure them all out. While getting the program up and running is easy, you really get more out of it when you start using the features. My hint is to select a new page of the manual each day to try out the abilities listed. This will get you to try features you may not otherwise try.

Probe 3.0 will convert your earlier Probe files, and requires no more resources than previous versions. Probe will run on almost any DOS computer including palmtops, Pentiums, and laptops. Probe will also run the new "OptoScan Lite" boards. These do not support CTCSS / DPL / DTMF or signal strength indicators, but most other OptoScan features are available.

The new version continues the neat "SmartScan" feature which will automatically load a certain bank of frequencies when a specific frequency is active. For example, if the unit hears traffic on 154.265, then you can have a bank of other fire frequencies activated.

Probe Version 3.0 comes with a great owners manual and is available exclusively from DataFile, Inc.

Reprinted with permission
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