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The only software developed exclusively for Optoelectronic's Optocom and Optoscan 456, Optoscan Lite, Optoscan 535 equipped scanning receivers, period.

PROBE has no rivals when it comes to getting the best performance and the most functions from an Opto equipped scanner. PROBE has a large variety of unique features -- features you won't find on other conventional scanners whether they are computer controlled or not. This is "computer controlled scanning" like it should be.

Read what others have to say on Yahoo's Probe Software Group -- ask them what they think of PROBE.

Do you think you have to have a Windows program to run your Opto with? Come on... Give it a second thought! If you're really serious about scanning, and you own an Optoscan equipped scanner or an Optocom receiver, then why shouldn't you be entertained with the idea of runnning your Opto unit with a plain DOS / Win '98 based Thinkpad -- a laptop that costs less a good antenna. And even better? Get the best possible performance from your Opto. Once you see how PROBE absolutely flies through frequencies using Optoelectronic's exclusive "pipeline tuning", you won't care what you're running PROBE on.

Not happy with that answer? Well then check out DOSBox x86 Emulator and DosBox Frontend Reloaded mentioned on our Probe resources page. These programs, along with a USB / serial port adaptor, will help facilitate the use of Probe on newer Windows based computers.

What really makes PROBE the best?
was developed by people who use it!

"I have never used any scanning software like Probe, and I use a number of products. None come close at all. Many have some great pieces and utils that I use and like, however Probe takes the supported scanners to a new level, one that I always imagined, but no one seemed to see or have interest in producing. Probe goes beyond novelties and delivers the goods." - Dominic L., Ontario CN

PROBE has enjoyed rave reviews for many years. Compare PROBE's features and functions with other Optoscan or Optocom compatible software and see why PROBE has no rival.

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PROBE1K for the Icom IC-PCR1000

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