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What Users Say About Probe

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Within 10 minutes, I was able to hook up the radio, load software, configure the settings, and start scanning local frequencies. Within an hour, I figured out some of the specific settings for individual frequencies / banks and was scanning all of my area's frequencies of interest.

The manual is VERY easy to follow, and the program is laid out in a very intuitive manner that tells the user exactly what he or she wants without "information overload." Bill Gates could learn a thing from Perry!!!

The only issue I encountered was my own - a personal regret that I should have bought a long time ago. I've tried the others - don't waste your time or money. Probe is THE PROGRAM for the Optocom.


Donít be fooled by the pretty interfaces of other scanner software packages, a scanner is for listening and that is what Probe does better than the rest. Probe gives you all the information you need in a neat and clean format. There are enough options to let any listener configure Probe to his or her liking.

As a scanner enthusiast, we like to know what is going on around us. Tacscan, Probe's latest feature, will allow you to do just that. When an event occurs, assigning the primary frequencies to the Tacscan list will allow you to listen to everything going on without sacrificing scanning the lesser used frequencies. Itís like being there! Used in conjunction with Smartbanks and Hyperbanks, it is like having more than one scanner. - R. Oellers, Windham, CT

It's taken me some time to become familiar with your software but it is TERRIFIC. Written by someone with a love for scanning. Every time I say I would really like to see XYZ feature, there it is. It is working so well for me that I just sold my Icom 7100. The OptoCom with Probe software is so versatile, I just don't need the Icom any more.

P.S.  I'm a software developer by profession and I can appreciate the effort that went into the program. It doesn't look like the fancy Windows software but it delivers results. - N. Kutchera, Coral Springs, FL

A) Your service is without a doubt better than anybody I have ever dealt with.

B) Your manual should be "The Model" that anyone else should use. The quality of the manual just to look at it was worth the $90.00.

C) Yours is the only control program that allows me to set the DCS so I can identify which tower is coming in as Kansas Highway Patrol use 7 frequencies (800 Mhz conventional) statewide on their mobile relays with DCS to identify it.

D) To do what you have done with the Optocom is something you should be proud of and I know you are. I have been involved with scanners since I was 18 yrs old. I am 48 now, have been a ham since 10 and have been employed in the 2-way radio field 20+ years. I've seen it all and yours is the best there is. Keep it coming old man. - B. Bailey, Moundridge, KS

...it's the greatest. This is what scanning is meant to be. - D. Sellers, Berwick, LA

I like the program - easy to use and nicest looking screen. Runs fast." - D. Edwards, West Islip, NY

Like Probe better than any other... - J. Givens, Ixonia, WI

Have tried other software but only using Probe now. - J. Rung, Heidelburg, Ontario

I've tried them all (demos). Although a GUI looks good, function is what counts. - D. Calo, Verona, NJ

After 'demoing' the other versions of scanner software i.e. ScanStar, Radio Manager, etc., Probe is definitely the best software I've used. I'm very happy I chose Probe. It does everything I wanted in a computer controlled scanning software and then some. - P. Hancock, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I haven't been this happy with a new piece of software in a very long time! After trying demo programs from the competition, I am very pleased that I purchased Probe - the others don't compare. - P. Delaney, Sayville, NY

Never have I had such a fantastic buying experience as I have with getting Probe. The software is outstanding... I would never bother with a windows interface now that I've given Probe a chance, there simply isn't a reason to do so. It's excellently laid out, wonderful thought was obviously given to the user interface, and it's just customizable enough to make the user really feel that it's their own private software package. - S. McIntyre, Teaticket, MA

Best manual I've seen in a long time. I have Radio Manager and demo of Scanstar. Yours wins hands down. I have recommended it to others... - D. Bixby, Fort Wayne, IN

I never thought such a powerful scanning program could be in a small package as this. I think it runs the Optoscan better than the Scanstar program. - P. McKinney, Forest City, NC

Probe is in my view, the classiest and most feature rich scanner control software I have tried. I have used a number of them and once Probe got on the hard drive the rest were just taking up space. - J. Christensen, Duluth, MN

Programming is much easier than other Opto-compatible products. The scan-screen is set-up perfect. - K. Emond, Taunton, MA

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