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Overview of Probe

FASTEST Opto Software Available - Probe supports 38400 baud! Faster scanning speed than any other software... in some cases by more than 200%! Probe is custom coded exclusively for the Optoscan OS456 / OS535 and Optocom. Unlike most Opto compatible programs, Probe fully implements Opto's unique "pipeline tuning" providing superior performance. Without "pipeline tuning", you may wind up scanning at a much slower speed than the original stock speed of the scanner! Why scan at half the speed and less? Speeds of up to 100 frequencies per second have been achieved with Probe coupled with the Optocom and Optoscan 535 (CPU dependant). If you need to analyze the frequency spectrum fast, Probe is the one.

Powerful, Intuitive and Easy to Use - Fewer keystrokes, user friendly menus. Menus and commands are easy to remember. Scanning begins immediately! No waiting to load frequencies. Start scanning with one keystroke!

Versatile - Works on virtually all IBM compatible computers, both DOS and Windows based operating systems. You can use older and inexpensive PCs for dedicated computer controlled scanning. No need for extra memory, special graphics, device drivers, or complicated operating system setups. Probe provides a very stable operating environment. Uses a True Database Engine (dBASE format). Provides large capacity data management (4000 groups, each with 99 banks, 1000 frequencies per bank) while attaining maximum scanning performance without demands for extra memory or processing power.

Superior Tone Control Engine - Read, display and squelch CTCSS and DCS tone codes. Tones are not only checked at the first detection of activity, but they can also be checked continuously during transmission. Identify, scan and optionally update frequency records with active tone codes. Use this feature to identify who is transmitting and those sharing the same frequency. Read and log DTMF tones used in dialing and repeater functions. Expanded tone capabilities provides squelch break specifically for "no tone" transmissions. Additional support has been added for Optocom and Optoscan 535 providing needed functions for reducing "talkoff" and false CTCSS and DCS tones. Improved accuracy for reporting and logging tone data - particularly important for professional users in both industrial and commercial applications.

Optocom Support - Probe runs the Optocom in its native "Optocom mode" instead of the "OS535 Emulation" mode used by most others. This provides additional features like automatic baud detection and settings. Included are computer controlled volume and squelch controls. The "Upload" feature allows you to program up to 100 frequencies including delay settings into the Optocom's memory for standalone use without the computer. No other Optocom compatible software comes close to matching Probe's conventional scanning capabilities.

Summary - Look closely at the features and benefits of Probe - compare them carefully with others. Then consider Probe runs extremely well on low cost computers. If the "feel" of the program is important, you won't find anything snappier than Probe. You'll feel like you're getting instant results - just the same as if you were pressing the keys directly on the scanner - no "delayed" or "disconnected" feelings. And you get the maximum possible scanner speed - something most others can't promise.

Probe is a stable and dependable DOS program, capable of running continuously for months on end without crashing. Controlling a scanner is a "terminal" operation and should be immediate. Probe was not intended to be graphically pretty. Probe is a straightforward program which plays on using the keyboard extensively. Many functions, and particularly the more important ones, are executed in just one keystroke. Rather than focus on processing graphics, all available processing time is focused on controlling the scanner in the most expeditious manner.

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