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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements - Optoelectronic's Optoscan or Optocom ("trunking" not supported), IBM compatible computer using DOS version 3.1 or higher, 640K RAM, hard disk, serial port (COM 1 - 4). Mouse optional. Probe works as a DOS program with Windows.

While Probe is not guaranteed to work with Windows NT, 2000, XP or Windows 7, in some cases, it does work. Refer to the Probe Links - Resources for information regarding DOSBox x86 Emulator and DosBox Frontend Reloaded aka D-Fend Reloaded or Direct I/O.

Probe is not guaranteed to work with Linux. It has been reported Probe can be run on Linux using DOS emulator software called "DOSEMU".

Probe will run on a minimal DOS based computer. A 386 processor typically allows Probe to achieve Opto's specified scanning speed. A 386 CPU or faster should be more than sufficient.

Probe comes with complete documentation in PDF format. Probe software and documentation is provided electronically via email.

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