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Reviewers' Comments In General

Reviewers Say Probe is Tops...

"Probe totally blows away any other scanning assist computer programs that I have used or tested... This outstanding computer program and the related hardware will give you a fantastic, versatile tool.." - Popular Communications

"Suffice it to say that Probe is a welcome and highly usable addition to computer aided scanning, allowing maximum scanning and information display." - Monitoring Times

"I would have to say Probe is tops." - National Scanning Report

"Probe is in my estimation the best software product for the Opto OS-456 / 535 boards. It's ease of use, speed, features and ability to run on anything from an XT to a Pentium make it the software champ for the OS-456 / 535... After looking at the demos for a couple of Windows based programs for the Optoscan, I think that Probe has the best capabilities." - AOSC's American Scannergram

"Of all the DOS / Windows programs I have tried for my Optoscan, Probe is by far the best." - CARMA

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